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13: Flowstone Saga with Andrew Luers and Andrew Aversa

It's not every day that composers from the VGM world start developing their own games. Andrew Aversa (known to the OCRemix world as Zircon) embarked on that journey years ago and released his first game, Tangledeep. Andrew Luers (otherwise known as OA) decided to join the party and start work on his own game, Flowstone Saga. They both join us this week to talk about their projects, how Impact Gameworks came to be, and the many fascinating aspects of game development. ( Direct download ) Music: An Evening at The Roost Theme - Originally from Animal Crossing: Wild World, arranged by Will Brueggemann Music from upcoming game Flowstone Saga Andrew Aversa (Zircon) Twitter Website Andrew Luers (OA) Twitter An Evening at The Roost: Twitter Email Discord iTunes Website An Evening at The Roost is part of the marcato brothers network !